Product Recall Information


W. C. Wood Company and CSA International Announce a Voluntary Retrofit of Automatic Defrost Upright Freezers and Single Door All-Refrigerators.

Date: September 20, 2005

Name of Product: Automatic Defrost 15 cubic foot, 17 cubic foot and 20 cubic foot Upright Food Freezers and 17 cubic foot Automatic Defrost All-Refrigerator

Units: 24,811

Manufacturer: W. C. Wood Company Limited, of Guelph, Ontario

Hazard: The defrost heater in some units can fail and cause the heater element to become exposed, resulting in a potential shock hazard. The failure can also result in deformation, melting, or burning of the interior food liner.

Incidents/Injuries: No injuries have been reported, however this recall is being conducted to ensure your safety.


Customers that are on record as having purchased one or more of these products will be contacted by telephone or mail. Consumers who have not been contacted or who have questions regarding these products and the corrective action program are encouraged to call the recall hot line, 1–866–493–3314 or visit the recall web site to confirm if their product is subject to this corrective action.

If you purchased a similar unit prior to September 2002, this corrective action program does not affect you. The recalled units were manufactured between September 2002 and February 2004, and have the following model numbers:



Model Number Begins With

Date of Manufacture


AFU1567*, AFU1767*, AFU2067*

(September 2002)


(February 2004)


FFCR17*, WCF15*, WCF17*, WCF20*



EV150N*, EV170N*, EV117N*, EV200N*, EV201N*, EL7ATR*, EL7JWK*


F15*, F17*, F20*, F42*, F47*, F55*, WFF15*, WFF17*, WFF20*, RFA17*, RFC17*, R47F*


Manfactured In: Canada

Consumer Contact: Call Whirlpool Corporation toll-free at 1-866-580-9177 anytime.